AFA 09

24 01 2010

Before I say anything about AFA 09, I just want to say sorry for this uber late post. Complications arose and I wasn’t able to start this blog until recently. But anyways…

For me, AFA 09 was a bang. On both days, I spent most of the day walking around and checking out booths and taking pics of cosplayers. The exhibition hall is the same as AFA 08 I think, but I felt that this year was more cramped. It was quite difficult to walk around with bumping into someone, which can be good or bad. If you happen to bump onto some cute chick, then hey, you’re in luck. But if you happen to bump onto some fat, smelly guy drooling on a Haruhi towel, then GG lah…

Most of the cosplayers didn’t even enter the exhibition hall. They stayed outside in the big space near the windows, which kinda annoyed me since the sunlight messes up the pictures I take with my lousy camera. Oh well, I didn’t take very many pictures anyway. I was busy meeting people and enjoying myself in the event. I must say that AFA 09 is better than AFA 08. I just hope that I get enough red packets this coming Chinese New Year to buy a decent camera.

Attractions (that I can remember)

Maid Cafe: The maid cafe was bloody popular. After all, who doesn’t want to be served by cute maids? However,  I heard some people got quite disappointed. I heard what happens is basically you come in, one of the maids says welcome in Japanese, you sit down, maid takes your order, maid gives you food/drink, then poof. The maid will never look at you again unless you make another order. As for me, my logical mind prevented me from ever going inside. I looked at the menu posted outside the cafe and OMG!!! I can’t quite recall exactly, but was it like $15 or something like that for a cheese cake? Cheese cake or 4 meals in a hawker? hmm. I wasn’t too interested in the maids anyway. It’s not like I’m going to ever see them again, considering the fact that customers were not allowed to develop any kind of relationship with the maids.

Production I.G: It is a studio I think. The stall was selling these artworks that initially costs $400 and slowly declines to $100 as no one was buying it. I felt sorry for my friend, Kiyoko, who working there. Not only she had to stand up the whole day, she said she had to deal with some people forcing her to take pictures of her…haiz…some people…

Eneloop: A battery company. I have no idea why they were there in the event.

Otacool: Danny Choo‘s booth. Otacool is a book containing pictures of worldwide otaku rooms. I heard Danny Choo signed autographs. His booth had these figurines. which were quite amazing. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures of them. I was too mesmerized by the figurines.

COSPA and KKNM: Anime goods stores. They sold various things from posters to pillow cases. I bought a black Mio shirt from COSPA. I never buy many anime goods at all. The only reason why my room is not flooded with anime goods is my parents. They are not fans of anime. Can’t wait till I live by myself.

K-ON live dubbing: One after another the seiyus appear on stage. 1, 2, 3, 4…..wait…where’s 1 more? Who’s missing? And as the seiyus introduced themselves and who they voice, the atmosphere was filled with a sudden disappointment. Everybody realized that Mio was not there.

I Love Anisong Concerts

I watched both the first day’s and the second day’s concert. Ichiro Mizuki, Hatsune Miku, and Shokotan performed on the first day. Yoshiki Fukuyama and May’n performed on the second day. To be honest, I only wanted to see May’n and Shokotan. Ichiro Mizuki sings manly songs from really old anime that I don’t know. Yoshiki Fukuyama sings song from Macross 7, but I have yet to find the time to watch the series and I don’t know him so well. I think the organizers knew that I wanted to only watched the girls, so they separated the two onto both days so that I have to buy tickets for both days. Miku was quite disappointing. She was simply displayed on the screen, and it lagged a bit too -__-‘.. I was expecting something like in Animelo, where they used hologram or something to make Miku appear to be on stage.

As for Shokotan and May’n, they were simply the very essence of awesomeness. ‘Nuff said.

Enough of my rambling.  Here are are some pictures. Pardon me for the poor quality. I promise it will be better next time.

Oh I forgot to mention. I won the concert’s lucky draw. On the first day, I got Shokotan’s signed CD. On the second day, I got May’n’s signed CD and  a picture with her. I was originally planning to talk to her at least a bit, but nervousness dominated ><

Well, that’s it for AFA from me. You can get official pictures from here. Planning to go to SOY at the 30th of January.




2 responses

24 01 2010

You should auction that autographed CD, bet you could get a good amount for it.

25 01 2010
Hungover Guy

As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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