31 01 2010

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating to write this SOY B report, but oh well. You’ll forgive me right?

I pretty much spent the whole day walking around and taking pictures. This is my first SOY event, and I must say, I was quite disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much after my spectacular AFA09 experience. After all, the budget is much less than AFA.

The venue was the main problem. It was wayyyy to small for so many people. Booths were located in hallways in between lecture halls, and the stage was in the lecture hall. Imagine a 5 meter wide hallway at its cross section, stick a booth on both left and right side. The remaining space is where people walk, bargain, pee, poo, etc etc…Considering the uber dense crowd, walking around also became difficult as you need to push people and step on their shoes. Taking photos inside the building? Fat chance. Most cosplay photos are taken outside the actual venue itself.

One thing I enjoyed though was the show in the lecture hall. They had a little organization on the group cosplay performances, then the rest was impromptu. The MCs did a great job keeping the audience entertained, even with all the technical difficulties. Starting with formal competitions, the show ended with random stuff such as separating the teams and classifying them as vampires and sparkling werewolves (coughtwilightcough) and make them fight against each other.

Photos below. Enjoy.

Oh I forgot to mention something. Although this was supposed to be Japan/manga stuff, they were playing Nobody song in the building. Weird…

This pretty much concludes my SOY experience. I shall hope people start reading my blog more T_T please spread the word about my blog.




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