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29 06 2010

A lot of people have been asking me where I get my anime, manga, etc. Here’s LightPrince’s super list:

BakaBT – This is where I get most of my stuff: anime, manga, and OSTs. BakaBT is BitTorrent source that has a private tracker, and thus requires you to register an account before you can get your stuff. The advantage of this site is that the download speed is awesome; I once saw the download speed to be 1mB/s. The disadvantage (which is fairly minor) is that you have to keep your ratio above a certain range or else you won’t be able to download anymore. This is why people actually seed and you can get that awesome download speed. Just be sure to run your BitTorrent client running in the background so that you are constantly seeding.

Tokyo Toshokan – If it’s not in BakaBT, it’s got to be here. It is basically a BitTorrent library of Japanese media. I think this site has more stuff than BakaBT, but the download speed is not as fast. Get Touhou Here.

One Manga – Can’t be bothered to download volumes and rather read online? Then One Manga is for you. Decent collection, quality, and page loading speed. Updated daily.

J-Pop Suki – They have the best quality music. Similar concept to BakaBT in that you have to keep your ratio above a certain range. Too bad they don’t accept anymore account registration. If someone needs an invite, leave a comment below.

Nipponsei – Music fresh from Japan. An alternate to J-Pop Suki and no registration required.

If all these 5 sites fail at having what you are trying to find, buy it. CDJapan and Amazon are fairly trustworthy. You’re going to need a credit card though.




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15 06 2011

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