Touhou Project

1 07 2010

Madness? This is...TOUHOU!!

Have you ever played one of those curtain fire/shoot em up games? It’s one of those games that they have in arcades, like Strikers 1945 where you play as a plane, and you move around the screen shooting enemies and gathering power ups. Touhou is that kind of game, just that it is a bajillion times harder. Literally.

Touhou is created and developed by Team Shanghai Alice, whose sole known member goes by the name ZUN. ZUN is responsible for all the graphics, music, and programming for the most part.


If you like challenge and would like to experience ecstasy, then I recommend playing Touhou. Imagine dodging a rain of bullets by a pixel. It’s like going out in a storm and dodging the raindrops. Oh, did I mention that you get bonus score for letting the bullet graze you? Some people graze on purpose in order to get a high score. Here is a video of me playing Touhou: The one I played is Touhou 8. It’s my favorite because it is the easiest. If you get hit by a bullet, you actually have about half a second to quickly press your bomb button so that you don’t die.

Interested? Go download it.




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