Mascot Parade 2010

6 07 2010

Mascot Parade started with a disaster; it rained. Luckily the rain stops around noon, but the booths, including the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe, that were supposed to be out there were hit with all sorts of troubles. Robin Yeo, the assistant director for Sozo, had to scramble around looking for a substitute place for the MMK Maid Cafe, which was supposed to be outdoor.

Wet battlefield

I came to the event quite late because of the rain. There wasn’t really much at all. Not many cosplays nor booths. I’m not sure if that is a result of the weather.

Students from a school getting ready for the parade

I guess it was to be expected. It wasn’t supposed to be a cosplay event. It’s more of the grand opening of Scape, the new mall next to Cineleisure. When I got there, Kiyoko suggested that we should pay a visit to the maid cafe.

I like her the best

When we were about to leave, the maids did a short performance to us. They said “Moe Moe Kyun Powa Apu” while doing some gestures. My friend John got pretty interested in that. When we went out, he started advertising the Cafe to patrons. He said to them:

"Dude you gotta try this cafe. They have powered up ice creams. They are like Mario Mushrooms. Look at how big I am now."

And indeed, he is almost 2 meters tall…Anyways…In this event, the superstars were Alodia Gosiengfiao and her sister Ashley. Alodia is a famous Filipino cosplayer and model that have been featured many times in the media such as various magazines and Animax.

Alodia, Yoshimi (Maid Cafe captain), and Ashley

The Parade finally started at 4pm. Cosplayers paraded around Cineleisure.

LOL, wasn't expecting this.

After the parade, there were shows on the main stage. 3 of the maids decided to create a group called MYnT (taken from Miyake, Yoshimi, n, Tomomi). Their show was the only one that I managed to catch.

Finally after 3 hours of uploading the pictures one by one, I’m done. Bloody…Wordpress doesn’t allow me to mass post pictures where they are ready viewable. The only way I can mass post picture is if the pictures are in thumbernails, and you are going to need to click on it to enlarge. Unless you uberly prefer that I post the pictures like this, I’m never doing this again…Hell, if I spend this much time studying, I would be in Harvard. Nevertheless, kudos to Nicholas Mak for the photos.




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