Taking a leave

6 07 2010

It is now 2.30am and I am going to be in a plane in 4 hours. I must be freaking nuts to be awake now. But anyways…I won’t have access to internet for 2weeks or so. Therefore my report on Cosfest will have to come later (no I don’t want to do it now). In the mean time, feel free to read my other posts. Please support me as I’m still trying to get some traffic T_T

I'm going to go here. Any guesses where this is?

UPDATE: Ok, so I do managed to get some internet by tying up some sea turtles onto my foot and use their powers. Sadly, the internet is slower than the turtles themselves and it will be hell if I try to post the report on Cosfest. I promise I will post it by the 18th…hopefully.




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