Cosfest IX

27 07 2010

First of all, I would like to apologize for this super late post…For those of you know me, I’m moving out of Singapore into Los Angeles soon for studies. Expect posts on anime conventions in LA in the near future. Anyway  I got tons to pack up, thus the major delay. And of course, I was also lazy. Sorry.

The blonde girl is so sweet

L4D zombies smile?

I only managed to attend Cosfest on the 2nd day. I spent the 1st day at Mascot Parade. I didn’t stay very long in Mascot Parade. I got pretty bored after two hours or so. The place was really small, and there weren’t very many cosplayers. In addition, I didn’t have a camera because my mom packed the battery charger in one of the boxes I’m taking to LA. Kudos to Hexlord for all the pictures in this post.

Something strange in the neighborhood...Who do you call?

There were performances on the stage, but I got bored at that too. I remember there was this random Japanese girl who got up there and started singing anime songs. I felt bad for her. Hardly anyone was actually interested in her performances. She tried to stir up the audience by making them stand up. They did eventually stand, but very reluctantly. I’ve got to give it her for courage though. And plus, as someone who arguably has the ugliest voice in the universe, I have no right to mock her voice. She wasn’t THAT bad. She was OK in my opinion. If you are reading this random Japanese girl, good job on your performance.

Cutest cosplay of the day. Reimu FTW!!

The booths were nothing special. Most of the stuff on sale was doujinshi, which I can get for free online. The only money I spent was on Burger King and Fish and co.

This guy made my day

During the event, I met some people like DM, double, and tjhan. Great people. At about 3pm, I took off with them to a LAN shop. I guess I was expecting too much out of Cosfest. After all, the first event I went to in Singapore was AFA08. I would like to end this post with the most epic cosplay that day.





One response

14 08 2010

lol epic got monster hunter costume(?)

and the last guy……is…BUFF YANDI

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