JKT48 – A derivative of AKB48

11 09 2011


I am speechless. As an Indonesian my feelings are mixed about this.


For those of you who don’t know, AKB48 is a big teen idol group in Japan. The picture only shows some of the members. In total there are actually more than 48 members…

There are other sister groups such as SDN48, which is an older version of AKB48. Perhaps when girls in AKB get too old, they get transferred to SKE or something. JKT48 however, is the first overseas sister group of AKB. Oh, JKT is an abbreviation for Jakarta by the way, the capital of Indonesia.

There isn’t too much detail at the moment, but they are holding auditions right now according to the official website at http://www.jkt48.com/index.html. For those who can read neither Japanese or Indonesian, basically the website says that their mission to fulfill the dreams of local Indonesian girls to become an idol and grow with the fans. Eventually they might even get recruited into AKB48.

My personal take

I can’t imagine any other country other than Korea or Japan to make such idol groups. Not only that I personally not attracted to Indonesian girls, but most Indonesian management skills are horrible. Furthermore, the quality of media in general in Indonesia is…questionable. I have watched some really famous Indonesian dramas, and they are cliche, and overly dramatic. The standards are simply not at the same level. We Indonesians are not ready for such cute idol groups. How did the idea even come up in the first place? Most Indonesians probably never in heard of AKB before.

Finally, I’m not even sure if this whole thing is real or just a hoax. It apparently appeared in the Indonesian newspaper, but I don’t know…We’ll see.




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18 02 2013

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Thank you ,Bradly

14 05 2014
fiza katelyn love nju

mksh info.a

14 05 2014
nabila amandhä melodiest

mksh…. gan……

14 05 2014
Azara zyanas syafeian

keren gann…… izin copy ….. foto ny ya!

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