Seto no Hanayome

11 09 2011

After reading a quite meaningful manga like Elfen Lied, I figured I had to settle on something more mellow…Something in the slice-of-life kind of genre, and I came across Seto no Hanayome. With it’s somewhat quirky and creative humor, I really enjoyed this series.

The typical dorky protagonist

The story revolves around a teenage, school boy, Michishio Nagasumi and a mermaid Seto San. One day, Nagasumi was swimming in the sea, when he got a cramp I think? and the mermaid San saves him. However, one of the Mermaid laws states that an unrelated human must never find out about mermaids, and that either Nagasumi must die, or San must die as a punishment. However, they came up with an ingenious solution: If Nagasumi marries San, then there would be no problem since Nagasumi would then be part of the Seto family as well. What happens next? As they are suddenly engaged, San comes and lives with Nagasumi; she even becomes a student in the school. This is where the fun begins.

Of course the girls will be in bikini *cough cough fanservice

One of the common problem that arises is that since San is still an immature mermaid, she couldn’t control whether the lower portion of her body becomes fins or legs when they are wet. This is course is part of the humor that is repeated many times. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, on the picture above, the girl on the right is San, and the girl on the left is San’s rival, Luna.

The -___- face

A lot of the humor utilizes the funny expressions made by the characters. It is quite entertaining to see caricatures of the characters. Often times, misunderstanding of some sort generate will lead to this face. An example perhaps would be the classic accidental pervert; kind of like Keitaro from Love Hina if you read that. The protagonist just happens to trip and accidentally touch certain forbidden areas or something. Typical.

Luna's father

The anime also draws from popular media such as Terminator. I laughed my butt off when I noticed the reference. One time Nagasumi was wiping the fins of Luna to make them turn back into legs. Just as they become dry, Luna’s father walks in, and all he sees happening is Nagasumi caressing Luna’s bum. What happens?


Finally, I must mention that there is hardly any plot in the series. The next episode would probably will not be at all related to the previous one. I can’t remember if there was one where something actually lasted two episodes. Overall, I would rate this anime 4/5.

Oh and there is this song from the series that is stuck in my head. Enjoy~




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