Steins;Gate – Best Anime Ever

20 09 2011

You can go left and right. You can go front and backwards. You can go up and down. These are the three dimensions that constitute our world. However, there is another dimension that people usually do not consider: Time. The problem with the dimension of time is that you cannnot move in both directions…yet.  In the history of mankind, no man has been able to build a time machine. Imagine for a sec that you accidentally built a time machine. What would happen? The race for time machine have been lasted probably since the World War II era. The tension that have built up since then would explode. Organizations would run after you in order to retrieve the time machine and silence you because whoever rules the time rules the world. This is exactly what happens in Steins;Gate.

The Lab Members

My summary of the plot should stop there. Anymore, and I will take away the amazingness of this anime. In fact, that is what makes Steins;Gate so good. That intertwining plot, various twists, and shocking discoveries of certain things that have been close all along will make your jaws drop. Because of this, watch at least 5 episodes before deciding to drop it. I promise you, you will not be disappointed; It’s Steins;Gate’s choice. Furthermore, there are no filler episodes. All things that happen are for the sake of the greater plot.

Stein;sGate game

Although Steins;Gate was originally a game, the anime truly did not disappoint. I have not played the game yet as it requires me to look up a word every page, and that would simply take ages. So far there is not English translation. According to my Japanese roommate who played the game, the only difference is that the game has several endings depending on the choices that you make during the game. The anime simply follows the true ending.

The world? Outer Space? This is only the tip of Steins;Gate's greatness

Apart from it’s amazing plot, keeping you tensed every episode, the series also incorporates humor. One of the most memorable moments would definitely be this. Then there is also drama where that makes you cry more than watching 1 Liter of Tears. In fact unlike 1 Liter of Tears, the tear jerking moments are real, in a sense that they are not made up simply the character acting more dramatic than the situation; they come naturally as a result of the plot.

So…This anime has action and intensity that made my blood boil. This anime has comedy that made me get stomach cramps from laughing. This anime has drama that allowed me to shower in my tears. To top it all off, the opening song for both the game and the anime  is amazing. What else do you want? It is hard for me to say this, but this is indeed, THE GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME.




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