Hi everyone. As the title suggests, LightPrince is all about Japanese pop culture: anime, manga, J-pop, games, and occasionally my random ramblings.

I’ve been interested in Japan stuff ever since I started reading Doraemon back in 1st grade. The number of series that I follow started with one and gradually grew to…well, a lot. From years and years of reading manga and watching anime, my interest in Japanese culture gradually grew. I became interested in everything about Japan, from language to traditions. I have been in various anime conventions in singapore such as AFA.

It’s been a long time since I want to just ramble about the anime, manga, and stuff. I was inspired to blog by DarkMirage. Then through him, I met several prominent Singaporean bloggers such as double and tjhan For the most part, I will be writing about series that I am following/have completed and my experiences in various anime conventions.

Please support me by visiting this site often as this blog is still under development.




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