Mascot Parade 2010

6 07 2010

Mascot Parade started with a disaster; it rained. Luckily the rain stops around noon, but the booths, including the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe, that were supposed to be out there were hit with all sorts of troubles. Robin Yeo, the assistant director for Sozo, had to scramble around looking for a substitute place for the MMK Maid Cafe, which was supposed to be outdoor. Read the rest of this entry »



31 01 2010

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating to write this SOY B report, but oh well. You’ll forgive me right?

I pretty much spent the whole day walking around and taking pictures. This is my first SOY event, and I must say, I was quite disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much after my spectacular AFA09 experience. After all, the budget is much less than AFA.

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AFA 09

24 01 2010

Before I say anything about AFA 09, I just want to say sorry for this uber late post. Complications arose and I wasn’t able to start this blog until recently. But anyways…

For me, AFA 09 was a bang. On both days, I spent most of the day walking around and checking out booths and taking pics of cosplayers. The exhibition hall is the same as AFA 08 I think, but I felt that this year was more cramped. It was quite difficult to walk around with bumping into someone, which can be good or bad. If you happen to bump onto some cute chick, then hey, you’re in luck. But if you happen to bump onto some fat, smelly guy drooling on a Haruhi towel, then GG lah…

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